First Data (Point of Sale Services)

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First Data offers a broad range of payment solutions
Issuing and consumer finance processing
Acquiring processing and switching
Value-added services such as risk and fraud management

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First Data is a leading provider of electronic commerce and payment processing services to financial institutions, governments and merchants in more than 50 markets around the world.

First Data Canada is able to meet the specific payment processing needs of Canadian businesses by leveraging our global scale through local experience, insight and service delivery. 
Rates you can expect when using First Data Canada:

  • Visa = 1.59%
  • Mastercard MC = 1.65%
  • Card Brand Fee = 0.125%
  • Non-qualified = 0.50%
  • Transaction Fee = 5 cents
  • Monthly Account Fee = $5/month
  • Mobile Application =$5/month
  • Mobile Reader One-time = $50.00
  • Monthly Minimum Processing = WAIVED! (regularly $20/month)

Learn more about First Data’s Free Debit Processing Offer.