FranchiseCanada FAQ

Who is is a franchise, services and business opportunity directory servicing the Canadian marketplace. offers a unique marketing platform to help franchises, service providers and businesses connect with customers online. specializes in developing, launching and marketing Canadian and International-based franchises across Canada.

Why is useful? is unrestricted and free to everyone. We take care in providing accurate and up-to-date information on franchises companies and opportunities available in Canada, as well as deliver a directory of franchising and  business services.

Franchisors  use the site to list and feature their companies,  search for the “ideal” franchisee,  locate franchise service providers in their city.

Franchisees go through othe site to locate new and proven franchise opportunities, read about the latest franchise news and connect with like-minded people.

Business owners have the ability to sell and buy franchise business opportunities affordably and byutilizing thep power of the Internet to reach many more interested parties.

Can I list on

If you are a:

  • Franchise company, who wishes to sell franchises, or a
  • Service Provider, who services the franchise industry, or a
  • Franchisee and/or Business Owner, who wish to sell your their busines is built to service you.

If you wish to advertise and sell your franchise(s) and business opportunity, you can take advantage of our industry-specific marketing tools, built to expose your company to an extremely large audience.

You may also choose to outsource your marketing plan to and partners for a fraction of the costs associated.

How do online buyers use

Online buyers and potential franchisees arrive to through a variety of platforms and online channels. unitlizes an active marketing system to promote our site. It includes oorganic ranking on major search engines, content creation, pr distribution, news and article distribution. also utilizes a large pool of real estate destinations to bring serious buyers to our members. This lead generation program is implemented through our strategic partners.

How do business advisors use offers a wide range of marketing services to promote industry providers in:

  1. online advertising
  2. e-mail distribution
  3. direct mailings
  4. newsletters
  5. daily postings
  6. commercial and industry websites
  7. franchise trade magazines and associations
  8. PR activity

How do the public locate

The public arrives to from a variety of sites. Our marketing team applies the latest in search engine optimization to mantain its rank as a top franchise destination for Canadian companies and business owners.