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A Cash Business Max! customers
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Health-conscious people walk right past "junk food" vending machines. They want healthy, cold drinks and tasty, nutritious snacks and they spend millions of dollars a year getting them.

The Max healthy vending program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to enhance the lives of others while at the same time improving their financial future. Route operators are now being selected for key Canadian communities. Vending over $42 Billion The vending industry continues to boom! In 2009 sales reached $42.9 billion dollars. To put that into perspective that is more than $111 Million in vended product sales every single day! Natural Foods The Natural Food, Organic Industry has taken off. Every day we are seeing health conscious consumers make smarter, more informed choices. These consumers are demanding quality nutritional products as they now realize that eating healthy foods is an investment in their future. The traditional western diet has created a modern day healthy crisis – today`s consumers are making the right choices to reverse this trend.

Max! Partner Benefits: A Cash Business Max! customers pay up front.

Never chase a customer down for payment.

Work From Home & Flexible Hours Monitor inventory remotely, and you choose when you service your machines.

No Employees Your vending centres won't ask for raises or sick days, and work 24/7 for you!

Changing Regulations The Canadian Government is mandating healthy snacks.

Canadian Max Healthy Vending Franchise