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+1 (416) 951-0110
Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Franchise

Realway Realty is a forward looking, virtual real estate Brokerage expanding across North America. 

Realway Realty is a true Online, Virtual  Real Estate Company. In essence, a full service brokerage with a quality administrative, technical, management and broker support, where any processes and service that can be, has been moved online. The Virtual Brokerage is a new concept in real estate brokerage management. It hasn’t existed to date because the technological advancements were either not available or were cost prohibitive to implement.  The Internet and new consumer attitudes are creating tremendous pressure on traditional real estate brokerage business models. Clients demand for more information, faster response times and greater efficiency. More and more Brokers are finding that their agents are more knowledgeable about technology than they are, or their office management staff. This puts them in a disadvantage as agents are leaving companies to search for better support and services. This is the changing future of the real estate business:

  • Consumers want faster response from their agents
  • Agents need to become more mobile
  • Consumers expect more remote transaction processing.
  • Agents are struggling with technology and web marketing.
  • Commissions are being pressured downwards.

It is only a matter of time the new model is implemented across the Industry. Companies will always try to catch up to technology and move forward to new and uncharted territories. Many fail. Another issue is the resistance of salespeople to improve and let go of old habits and embrace the new real estate business environment. By joining the Realway Realty franchise system, your company and agents will be able to reach their true potential and goals, believe in their own vision, and develop the ideas and style of life, all with the Brokerage's support. Contact us today to get you started on the right track!