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$100,000 - $200,000
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Highest quality, fresh and healthy food.
Fresh sandwiches, salads and bagels
Friendly service that generates customer loyalty
Fresh Deli Revolution

Company Profile

DRUXY'S is Canada's premier chain of quick service delicatessen restaurants. DRUXY'S currently operates 48 restaurants and kiosks in major health care facilities, office towers, shopping centres, museums and airports. DRUXY'S is a privately owned Canadian corporation founded in Toronto in 1976 and now operates throughout Southern Ontario (Toronto, Barrie, Brampton, Hamilton, London, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Niagara Falls,  Oshawa, Ottawa and Peterborough) and in Calgary, Alberta. The company is owned by Bruce, Harold and Peter Druxerman, all of whom are directly involved in the daily management of the company.

Mission, Vision & Values

At DRUXY'S, we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the highest quality, fresh and healthy food and personal service possible. We accomplish this by preparing our sandwiches, salads, and bagels directly in front of our customers. As such, the customer sees the raw ingredients before they are assembled and are able to choose which ingredients to include in their meal. We use absolutely the very best products available. We refuse to compromise on quality to lower costs. Our breads, meats, mustards and salads are unmatched in quality. From Solid White Albacore Tuna and Sockeye Salmon, to our specially prepared briskets of beef and our very own special blend of coffee, we search for the best for our customers. To keep our level of quality, we use only fresh ingredients. Breads, pastries and produce are delivered daily, meats twice weekly and groceries weekly. Prepared food will not be kept for more than 36 hours and is discarded if not sold within this time frame.

We aim to provide a very special level of service for each of our customers. We see simply satisfying customer needs as a service failure. Much more than need satisfaction is required, and as such, we work to develop personal relationships with our customers. By developing these relationships we are able to generate average customer frequency of 4.5 times per week. This compares to an industry average of 4.5 times per year. More importantly, over half of our business comes from regular customers who frequent DRUXY'S an average of 4 times per day. This loyalty is the direct result of the exceptional personal service that we offer our customers each and every time they visit our restaurant.

DRUXY'S vision for the future sees us growing by 6 - 12 locations per year over the next 5 years.  We are confident that our commitment to a fresh, healthy menu perfectly positions DRUXY'S to take advantage of the growing concern for health conscious eating which is one of the most important factors when consumers choose a place to eat.  We find it interesting that the major fast food companies have followed in our footsteps by incorporating fresh salads and sandwiches into their menus. Our 33 years of experience has given us a foothold in the market, as we are the benchmark against which the competition is compared. Our extensive and ever expanding and evolving menu makes us a difficult and moving target.  As a result, DRUXY'S is a welcome addition to any retail food service venue.

A Revolutionary Opportunity

When you join the DRUXY’S Famous Deli Franchise team, you will own one of Canada’s top business opportunities.

DRUXY’S is unique for many reasons, among them:

  • Focus on fresh, healthy food (including a menu of Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check Program certified sandwiches, salads and soups).
  • Revolutionary service delivery system designed to guarantee freshness and choice – customers are encouraged to design their own sandwiches, salads and breakfasts choosing from over 50 fresh ingredients.
  • The deli tradition of slicing our deli meats from hot briskets for the freshest quality.
  • Allergy and special diet friendly offerings including gluten free, lactose free and vegan.
  • Diversified locations in office towers, shopping malls, hospitals, museums, airports and suburban industrial complexes. 

As a franchise, DRUXY’S equips each franchisee with:

  • A unique, distinct brand that is respected and remembered.
  • Proprietary offerings that make meals an experience for our customers with a variety of wholesome recipes and healthy ingredients.
  • Friendly, accommodating service that generates customer loyalty.
  • Thorough training to help franchisees run their new businesses.
  • Field support to help franchisees continually improve based on our decades of experience.
  • Marketing support to help franchisees promote their restaurants to local customers.
  • Partnership with the Canadian Franchise Association.


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