ICAN Education

Investment Range:
Training & Support:
Liquid Capital Required:
$50,000 - $75,000
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Competitive Start-Up Investment & Ease of Operations
Education delivered on all fronts
No teaching and low labour costs
Flexible operating hours
Education Tutoring Services

About us ICAN Education expanded their horizons into the field of education. ICAN Education has thought of student’s needs and requirements in developing themselves to face the stiff challenge of the educational arena. Our goal is to workhard persistently and spread the aroma of knowledge along with the zeal for advancement of knowledge. Our team is made up of exclusive teachers who helped create our academic programs and activities dedicated to onesingle purpose; of making the child achieve and go beyond the their current capabilities. Whether it is about delivering training in English language, offering scientific learning solutions, problem solving or fostering the talents of each child, ICAN Education delivers on all fronts. ICAN Education considers education to be a life-long process, which must have a strong foundation. The goal is to inculcate in students a love of learning and desire to excel at every level. The centres also aim at equipping the students with the intellectual and practical skills that are necessary to meet the challenges of the future.